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Monday, December 24, 2012

True Stories Week 43

Writing a True Story

Welcome back to "True Stories" Week 43

Merry Christmas to you all and may you enjoy a New Year full of God’s richest blessings!  

You might enjoy my Christmas post - - Why I Believe in the Virgin Birth. 

Please keep this Tuesday spot a place to post your True Life stories.  Include stories from your own childhood, or stories of your children and your recent true stories.  Pull up from your archives if you wish.  Applying it to a spiritual point of interest would be great.

A few suggestions for the party:

1. Please link to your actual "post” not just to your general blog address. That way if readers come by later in the week, they can easily go over to your relevant post.  

Please be sure to take a minute or two to visit the others who've linked up here and please leave them a comment.  Also those who leave you a comment, visit them likewise.

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  2. Hello Dear Hazel, I received your book yesterday and am up to Daddy's watch. I love reading it. Its so easy as each story is contained within itself. I noticed you have no publisher, good on you for doing it yourself, and well done!!! Since there is no place on the net that I can write a review when I am finished, I will place the review on my Blog for my visitors to read...Your stories bring back many memories. Today a mother would never send a three year old to buy bread as there are too many bad people around. You often tell your naughty side as well as the lesson you learned.. that is so good.What a wonderful memory you have, my own goes back to small incidences when I was about four.But they are only faded recollections. Love sent xx


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