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Monday, December 10, 2012

Welcome to Week 41

Please take advantage of my special offer on a purchase of three of my books - - because the special offer will end soon.  I know you have loved ones who will enjoy a copy as a gift from you.
Reading a True Story from Hazel's Book
Welcome to our True Story Blog Party.  What true happenings are you remembering or a story to relate in the now?

Please be kind to those who leave you a comment; and be courteous to visit them likewise with a comment.

Remember this party is for true stories.  Of course add a Biblical illustration and scripture to go along with your true story.

Return later in the week to view those who entered after you!  Remember to leave a comment - - We all love comments. 

A few suggestions for the party:

1. Please link to your actual "post” not just to your general blog address. For hints on how to create an acceptable Title to link your actual post, CLICK HERE.

2. Please link back to this community, either by using the button you will find on my side bar or simply a text link. 




  1. Hello Hazel, I have purchased your books. I am sue I will really enjoy reading them. Christmas love and Blessings sent to you today. Crystal

    1. I am researching cost to ship to Australia. UPS wants just under $100. to send, which is not affordable. I am requesting a cost price from US post office. Other wise I will refund your money and if you receive PDF I will send you my book by PDF e-mail.

    2. Hi Crystal, I have mailed your book by US postage first class. I forgot to ask the clerk how long it will take to arrive to you. Enjoy and find someone to read my stories to!

  2. Hi Hazel,

    Just a note about my post. There is a story in the main part, but mostly I included it here because I added a link to a true story at the end. Thanks!


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