Sunday, December 31, 2017

New Year’s Resolutions and How to Keep Them


As I began to wake up this morning, the Holy Spirit began to speak to me and teach me; “How to Keep New Year’s Resolutions.”  I quickly got up and went to my computer to write it all down.  The Holy Spirit desired that I share this with our church today.  At church, I went to our Pastor and shared that the Lord has given me a word for today, and asked, "is it okay for me to have about 5 minutes."  He said yes.  I asked him if he would you like to review it? as I offered him the written paper.  “No,” he said, “I trust you.”  It was good he did not look at the paper, because that might have handy-capped him with his sermon today. You see, the Holy Spirit often is telling more than one person what He is desiring to say for that day and time.  Usually each person will have a different slant, but it will all fall in place.
~ ~ ~

Most of us have at one time made a New Years resolution, and by the next day we have broken it.  Our intentions were good, but the pull was just too great. 

We like Adam and Eve, have been given a “FREE WILL” or the power of choice.  We can by sheer grit and determination decide to make a decision to quit those things that have been giving us trouble.  We know the difference between right and wrong and some things are simply right and others are definitely wrong. 

Each year we make a list and say to ourselves, I will give up certain practices, and will stop doing this or that.   We grit our teeth, and lock our jaw and say, I will put this aside and quit doing this - - -  

In the past we have made those decisions by our desire and our “Free Will.” 

Now may I ask:  “How has that been working for you?  - - Hum-mm?? 

The power of Free will is strong – but I must tell you that it is NOT STRONG ENOUGH.  We make certain choices by our own self – our own weak and spindly Free Will and wonder why we fail. 

Today I desire to present to you God’s way to over come - - Once and for all - - and be FREE of those things that have held you down in the past. 

Not by our own will because our will is feeble, tired and exhausted, but by using the “WILL of GOD.” 

Jesus prayed in the garden;  “I give up, I surrender to YOUR WILL GOD.  Not my will but thine be done.” 

Some of us have walked in darkness in the past, but Jesus promises if we will follow Him and fully surrender to HIS WILL (not our will) then he will remove the darkness and place within us the LIGHT of LIFE which is the Will of God.  

John 8:12 “Jesus, said, 'I am the Light of the World. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but shall have the light of life.'" 

So I lay before you a choice:   To use your FREE WILL and make a quality decision to SURRENDER your will to God’s WILL.  God's will is for you to be FREE, to be blessed and to prosper.  God's will is Good, and He desires only the best for you.

It is time to receive God’s Will, not your own will, and his strength, not your own strength, and you will be able to walk free for the rest of your earthly life. 

So in review:

                       1.  I will Surrender my own Will and exchange it for God’s Will.

  2.     I will Invite Jesus into the dark rooms of my heart bringing with Him; His Light of Life.

  3.     I will Invite Jesus to live in me, the LIGHT of LIFE and daily I will allow the Holy Spirit to be my guide.