Monday, March 30, 2015

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Chasing the Wind
Have you even watched amazed as a dog will chase his own tail? 

It reminded me of a stair stepper, getting our exercise but never actually going anywhere. 

Wind is different; it does travel and often has some exciting consequences.

Many years ago, we lived in Oklahoma two different times, and often there were tornado warnings. 
We were careful to heed the warnings but there were many foolish persons who would chase the Tornado in their cars as they tried to take pictures. 

Most were thrill seekers, and a few were seriously hurt with their foolishness.

Our neighbor told us that just prior to our first move to Oklahoma; a twister had traveled across our back yard, and took down a tree house that the former occupants had built for his children.  The tornado continued down the street removing the roof from one of the homes close by.

As soon as we were settled, we decided to make Sheridan Assembly in Tulsa, our church home.  One Wednesday evening, several members were giving testimonies about the recent tornado.

At that meeting, I remember one lady saying, “It looked like that tornado was heading for our place, so I went out in my yard and shouted to it, ‘Stop and do not come nigh my dwelling,’ and it lifted and went in the other direction.” 

A gentleman spoke up and said, “If Jesus could speak to a fig tree to dry up, then might we also speak to a tornado that is approaching us and tell it to dry up?” 

Jesus did say that we could speak to our mountain and tell it to be cast it into the sea, and perhaps our mountain could be a tornado or anything else that is bothering us.

Some would think this to be weird or strange to act like this, but Jesus did many out of the ordinary things that puzzled others.

Might we not be guilty of chasing the wind and getting no where, but maybe we should learn to shout and speak with a voice of authority to our wind.

Have you been chasing the wind?  Perhaps it is time to speak to it instead of chasing. 

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Sharon said...

Interesting story, Hazel. I'm sure that I don't speak out enough against the things that come up against me. In fact, my sister and I were having a conversation today, and we reminded each other that Jesus spoke with the authority of The Word. Speaking the Word of God against the exploits and attacks of the enemy is the best weapon of all!


Laurie Collett said...

Jesus said that if we had faith the size of a mustard seed, we could move mountains! Great story! When a major hurricane was predicted to hit Tampa directly, our whole church prayed, as I'm sure others did, and "without explanation," as the forecasters said, it narrowly missed us! Thanks for hosting & God bless!

nannette elkins said...

Fantastic analogy, Hazel! Awesome testimonies of speaking to the "mountain" and telling it to move. No matter what our mountain may be...Jesus has given us the authority when we are filled with His Spirit and take on His name. He said, "Greater things than this shall YOU do..." Amen!

Saleslady371 said...

I'm a believer of taking authority over anything that can harm me and declarations are very powerful. I'm vulnerable to the summer monsoons at our house and have spoken to the elements when I'm threatened as well as spiritual enemies.