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Beautiful Quilts from Left over Scraps
A True Story from my book, "Rescue the Stories Book ONE"

Very carefully we cut into 6 inch squares some of the left over material from dresses my mother had made for my sister and me as we grew up.  These were leftover, bits and pieces, good-for-nothing – just waste.  Could there be a decent use for these unsightly odd looking snippets?

Mother had a new purpose, and it was to use the scraps of yardage and potentially sew the squares together into a pretty combination for a quilt top. The throw away scraps had a renewed purpose. They would amount to something lovely and good after all !!

Once all the square pieces were sewed in place, then each strip was then sewed to the previous length until the whole was large enough for a quilt. Mother would purchase a contrasting piece of flannel yardage for the back of the quilt. Inside she would place an old blanket or a flannel sheet.  The quilt was now ready to tie.

My dad had made a set of wooden frames for Mother so she could stretch the quilt. Arming ourselves with large needles and crochet thread, we were ready to begin the tying process.

At each corner of the small squares we pulled the needle through and tied a double knot. Also we placed a tie in the center of each square. When we had completed as far as we could reach, we rolled the frame and secured it fast with clamps.

With us all working together, in no time at all the quilt was tied. Now it was ready to tuck the edges inside and use a blanket stitch (similar to a button hole stitch) around the entire quilt. If the quilt ever got dirty, it was securely made so a gentle wash would not harm the back or the insides.

Quilt making is almost a lost art, but it could be something that would renew the families love of working together on a project. If you do not sew your own clothing, there are usually remnants sold at the yardage store for only a small amount of money. Think about this wonderful project that you and your children would enjoy helping to create.

In life, you may often feel that you are a piece of scrap, left over, wasted, and good for nothing.  But I have good news. You are not a throw away!  God is able to take your life and renew it into something beautiful and into a fantastic work of art.

First you must submit yourself into God’s hands. The needle God uses may hurt as He ties you all back together, but soon you will understand it was all for your good, and you will be pleased and satisfied with the end result.
~ ~~ 

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Saleslady371 said...

This is a beautiful story tied neatly at the end reminding us God uses everything...and every story is important.


Thank you Hazel. I am glad God is able to take scraps of our lives and remodel them into beautiful vessels for His own glory.
Blessings to you.

Ariëlla said...

Thanks for your story. Beautiful!