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True Story Blog Party 03/23/2013

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English Bull Dog
Saving money especially when grocery shopping, is a priority with me.  About once a week I stop at our local Thrift Market to scope out what is interesting and a good buy.

While shopping there, one must watch the pull dates; lest you end up with something that will later need to be tossed.
The other day, I visited the Thrift Market, and viewed a good brand of canned dog food. 

It was plastic wrapped in small cases of 12 cans each and the price was $4.00 per case or three cases for $10.00.  If you can do the math, that is approximately 33 cents a can or less.
The pull date was a few days past, but the cans still looked salvageable and I placed six cartons of 12 in my basket to make my three dogs very happy.

Then I needed to go to a popular Grocery store for a few other items, also at a bargain. 

As I left the parking lot, a woman walking with a small bull dog, crossed my path.  I stopped to let her pass.

I could see she was carrying a cardboard sign, and she was headed for the grass where often people sit hoping for money. 
I noted her sign which said, “Homeless and in Need.”  

Now, I don’t usually give out money as some will do, but my heart went out to that small dog. 

Exiting my van, I opened the back and started to pull away the plastic and remove one can of dog food, but instead the Lord said, give her the entire carton of 12 cans, which I did.

She seemed happy to receive the cans of Turkey with brown rice with a convenient pull top lid.   

Her dog also knew there was something in that can for her, because that tail began to wiggle violently. 

The woman proceeded to open the can and use the lid to feed her puppy.

Honesty, that can of dog food looked good enough for human consumption, and it is a safe bet that some of it might end up that way. 

I am reminded of the prodigal son, who was so hungry that he ate from the pig slop that he was paid to feed the pigs. 

Fortunately he came to his senses and decided to return home to his father where there was a bountiful supply!

So many today are eating Religious Slop that they are finding here and there instead of going direct to the Father and reading from His Book – The Bible.   

Opinions are everywhere but they will not satisfy the hunger that is in aching hearts. 

Only God’s Word, full of Holy truth will fill that need.   

The Good news is that Jesus is the Answer to all of our needs, and he is the Bread of Life to satisfy hunger, and he is the Living water that quenches our thirst.

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Laurie Collett said...

Great story & illustration, Hazel! So true -- many "churches" and TV shows are dishing out what amounts to dog food instead of the Bread of Life. May we fill up with our daily bread from His Word! Thanks for hosting & God bless.


Hello Hazel, I am grateful for your story. God will helps us as we rely on Him entirely for everything. God Bless and thank you for the linkup.

jviola79 said...

Wonderful story, Hazel. It is amazing how much pets can mean to us. I am sure you blessed this woman in providing for her dog, who brings her both companionship & comfort. Ministering to others can take so many forms. Blessings to you today!

Saleslady371 said...

Your story is a great illustration for the way some settle for "less than" what Jesus died to give us. May our thirst for Him and His Living Word increase. Imagine, it would change the world! Bless you.

Ann K from Cairn Cottage said...

All I can say is "Amen!" We need to continually seek to eat pure spiritual food, from the Word of God!! What a great story, using the dog food! Thanks for sharing and hosting your link-up.

Sharon said...

Hazel, I thoroughly enjoyed this post! I love a good dog story, and this one was so sweet. You're such an angel, and I know that this woman will never forget the act of kindness that you bestowed upon her, and her sweet pooch.

And I love the spiritual lesson. Yes, sometimes we can be tantalized by the *fast food* or *junk food* that the world offers. But as for me, I want daily bread and living water!