Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Living in the Book of Acts


Our Sunday morning service began with worship and many people came one by one to the alter to pray and dedicate their lives to Jesus.

Pastor Allan shared from his heart as he asked one of our deacons to share a scripture.

The King is here, we seek His presence first and then we seek His gifts.  His power has been manifested this morning to heal, to save and to deliver.  We are all encouraged by His presence. 

There are a lot of lost people who are outside our walls.  Mark your calendar and invite friends to attend the Franklin Graham meeting in Chico June 3rd at the Silver Dollar Fair Grounds.  Bring chairs and blankets.  It is his California tour "Decision America."  We so need Jesus in California.  All the wrong things are going on in our capital.  We need to pray for our leaders that they will have wisdom and lead properly.

The early church suffered persecution, which caused them to scatter and take the Gospel far and wide.  Keep the fire burning and not get lax.  Be willing to step out in obedience to the Holy Spirit.  Our lifestyle is a testimony to the world.  Live in freedom and let your life shine for Jesus.

There is a shift in the Spirit.  As a result people are stirred to go deeper in God. 

Live in the book of Acts until the book of Acts lives in you.

It is happening, God is giving assignments, and we see it now.  Rejoice in God, in His presence and in His touch in the lives of His people.

God is seeking those He can trust to give all the glory to God.

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Floyd Chaplin said...

"Live the book of Acts until the book of Acts lives in you". Love that... and the heart behind the message. Praying for your state and this whole country.