Saturday, May 5, 2018

Levels of Progression in Learning to Prophesy


I am rising early to read my Bible, and then a chapter from two or three good Spirit Filled Books. 

One of the books I am reading is by James Maloney's 'The Panoramic Seer.'  As I read my chapter this morning, I made notes on something I found very interesting. 

Dr. Maloney stated that there are levels of "knowing into the Spirit."  Generally "Prophets" have dreams and visions. 
Those who prophesy simple words of encouragement may not be a prophet, but this is a place to begin to exercise speaking what the Father is saying to exhort, encourage and build up others.   

Understand that  there are stages of development in hearing from God. 

1.  There is the 'tug', a need to pray for someone, pressure to start up a conversation with someone, a sympathetic pain, (someone needs a touch from God.)
There is the inward knowing - the still small voice.  Jesus always spoke what He heard the Father say, and that is what is happening to you.  Be brave and speak out what you are 'knowing.'  (if no one is there, then write it down for later.) 

2. Seeing in the spirit is like seeing "still photographs," revealing the past.  Sometimes it is like flashes in the minds eye, coming one after the other in progression.   The photos do not move but they reveal the puzzle.  There is also a word of knowledge coming into the mix and also the gift of Word of wisdom as a future and a destiny is revealed.

3.  Lastly an external - outside your brain, seen with your physical eyes.  The vision moves in animation in your minds eyes.  It is like real to you.

Not everyone moves is the last two types of flows, and sadly in some cases not even in the first - - yet this manifestation of the Holy spirit is open to all. 

Panorama is merging of all functions and mixing of the Father's Faith with yours.  

There is an extra unction needed for created and/or recreated miracles.  This is a higher lever of the miraculous and sadly not happening as much as it should.  - -
Press on because there is more for you from God.

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Floyd Chaplin said...

It's amazing how many people just seem to "know" what's happening although it's unseen or heard. God works in and through people in mysterious ways.