Saturday, March 31, 2018

The Ugly Beautiful Cross. By Hazel Moon

When we view paintings of Christ on the Cross, we usually see a cleaned up version.  Actually  the cross and Jesus were covered in his blood.  His Sinless Holy Blood  that paid for yours and my salvation.


The cross of Jesus Christ was ugly splintered wood, spattered with blood, sweat, bits of flesh and possibly other body fluids.

Not a pretty sight, but that was not the most horrible part.  Other unseen things happened on the cross that affected you and me.

The SINS of all mankind were placed on Jesus as he hung on that cross and the sky turned dark with grief causing the most terrible thing to happen! 

Because His Father God could not bear to look down on this sight of Jesus carrying our guilt and our sin; God turned his back on Jesus!  

A thick Darkness covered the earth for three hours, and Jesus was completely alone and abandoned.  All had deserted him including his Father God.    "Father why have you forsaken me?" cried Jesus.    

When his friends and all others ran, Jesus could accept that, but NOT rejection by His heavenly Father.  That was too much to bear and it broke his heart.  

Jesus proclaimed that what He had been sent to do was done.  "It is finished" he cried.  I did it for “YOU” (your name here) the thoughts of “YOU” were in his mind and he could see into the future and view all those he was dying for. You and Me!

It was then his physical body died, and the temple curtain (veil) that blocked access into the Holy of Holies was torn from the top to the bottom by the finger of God.  Now we can enter boldly into the throne room and cry Abba Father. 

That cross reminds me of a horrible death, but I am so glad the story did not end there.  No the end was not at the cross nor at the grave. 

We know that Jesus rose again on the third day, full of life, power, forgiveness and love. The Angels declared, “He is risen as He said.” 

During the next 40 days Jesus proved to his friends and others that He was truly alive. 

On the mountain top, Jesus gave instructions and another promise, I am leaving, BUT, I will return to gather you onto myself.  Until then I am sending you a Comforter and guide.  The Holy Spirit will abide IN you and He will be also WITH you and shall never leave you.

Praise God we can celebrate Easter in all its magnificence. - -  
It is Resurrection Day, a Glad and Glorious Day.


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