Monday, December 12, 2016


Reading a True Story
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My True Story About the Burnt Beans  

One Sunday at my church I shared the story about me burning the beans, and how sweet my husband was to me because last time it was he who burned the beans. 

I was also thinking about how Jesus told stories.  He spoke often in parables.  His disciples would sometimes ask him to speak more plainly. 

He did speak plainly at times and they usually did not understand plain talk either. 

Jesus sometimes would tell a story and say it is likened unto - - - and the people usually could relate. 

Other times Jesus would just tell them to "GO FIGURE."  To think about it and figure out what he meant.

The bean story is about not judging when you may be guilty of the same or similar things.  It is also about holding your words and not speaking too quickly.  It is also about releasing a loved one to fail at times and love them anyway.  Just in the same way God loves YOU. 

So in case you are wondering about some of my stories - - -   Go Figure !!
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Saleslady371 said...

I see that I'm in good company here. Last week Tom felt so bad that he ordered the wrong size ceiling fan for my office. I didn't say a word because I broke my crock pot. Jesus knew how to make a point, didn't He? Love His stories.

Floyd Samons said...

Funny how judgmental words always seem to come back to haunt us. Takes a few times of having to swallow them until we begin to bite our tongues!

I always appreciate a story that makes me think deeper. Not easy, but good!