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Roofing the Office Supply
(A True Story from my Book "Rescue the Stories Book Two)

Neatly stacked in the corner of our kitchen sit our extra chairs waiting until they were needed again for company. 

My thoughts went back to when we obtained these chairs and also twenty nice metal folding chairs.

Years ago we were contacted by an Office Supply company requesting that we make a deal with them. 

They offered chairs, folding tables and enough office supplies in exchange for a new roof. 

Robert told them he would consider it and get back to them.  We talked it over and then contacted our Pastor.  

Our church was using some old fashioned double wooden folding chairs in our fellowship hall and in the Sunday School rooms, so new single metal folding chairs and new folding tables would be wonderful.   

We offered to make a donation to the church of a certain number of chairs and tables to fill their need and the over flow of twenty chairs and the stacking chairs would be ours to keep. 

We contacted the Office Supply and agreed to accept their offer.  The exchange was a good one. 

During the years we have used our single folding chairs in the yard for a barbecue, loaned them to a new church just starting up and also our neighbor has benefited when he has a large gathering over to his place. 

The stacking chairs are kept in our kitchen and are so comfortable and handy when needed. 

The Church old wooden chairs were taken to the dump, but had we known about E-bay or Craig’s List they could have been sold as antiques for big bucks.   

Sometimes what you don’t know can cost you plenty.   

It is sad to realize that many children and adults today do not know the real meaning of Christmas and the story of Jesus birth, his life, death and resurrection.  It only takes a few years when the Bible and Jesus are erased from our schools to create a generation of uninformed persons about Jesus and the salvation He offers to all who will receive.

I am happy for Child Evangelism, Release time Christian Education and the Good News clubs that are making a mark in the lives of many children.  Often their parents are reached also. 

I have some friends who do church in the Park when the weather is good.  They play music and sing to attract a crowd. 

We must use any means we can to reach the lost, or it will cost them and us dearly.

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Saleslady371 said...

Yours is a great lesson of sowing a seed, a generous one at that, but look at all the people that benefited from those chairs! And I realize that God took care of you guys financially or you wouldn't have called it a good deal. Your faith is strong and reminds me in all situations to see things through God's eyes. Yes, may the Lord bless those organizations and groups who reach out to the lost!


I hear Aunty Hazel. A young lady came by the office for a job unknown to us God had arranged our meeting for some thing more! It was a time to talk about Christ. She opened up and we prayed together. I trust the Lord concerning her case.
Yes Aunt Hazel the Lord provides situation daily for us to talk about the gospel.
Thank you for sharing your experience.
Blessings to you

Floyd Samons said...

Love the heart behind the story. And God has blessed you for it! Sharing the Good News is our calling, regardless of our job! Thanks for the reminder, Hazel.