Monday, August 1, 2016

Tell Me a True Story - Week of 08/01/16

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Can you Smell That?
Some people are more sensitive to smell than others.  My husband is one of those persons.   When our children were small, my hubby could never change a diaper, or clean up after a dog accident.  And that is the truth!  Good thing he has a first-rate wife! (smile)

This particular morning my hubby was cooking breakfast on our electric stove.  Suddenly all the lights went out and sparks flew, and our stove just quit!  Out of the blue he could smell smoke. 

Stepping outside to investigate the fuse box, he discovered that the electric panel was on fire.  Flames were shooting out and it appeared that our mobile was possibly doomed to also catch on fire. 

Keeping his wits about him, he quickly turned off the power at the main pole.  Next he grabbed the hose and squirted water until all the fire was extinguished.

After turning the power back on, we discovered that a few plugs in the house still worked, and by using extension cords, he was able to get our refrigerator going.

A quick call to our contractor neighbor on his cell phone - - gave us the name and number of a reliable electrician who showed up late that afternoon.  The electrician was able to do some temporary work, and we were thankful that he gave us TV and computer access. 

His promise to return in two days to replace the panel did not come to pass, as apparently there were parts to order that were not available locally.  This left us for the week end with temporary fixes and extension cords. 

Again he did not return at the time promised, and we found it necessary to leave for a dental appointment and go about our business. 

Leaving him a note on the gate, and penning our three dogs in their small yard; we left, as this would allow him to do his work unhindered by curious animals.

After another no show, we called and left him a message stating that we were wondering where he was.  Well finally it all worked out and he arrived with a new panel and a helper and did the installation pronto, and to our liking.  We were pleased! 

This reminded me to consider all the time we wait; expecting the return of Jesus to happen soon.  He keeps putting us off for another day, another week, another year.   

However as I read the signs of the times, I think that his delay must have a good reason. 

There still must be some sheep that need to get into the fold !! 

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Cheryl said...

I surely agree, Hazel. There must be some sheep that are still lost. Surely He is coming very soon.


Mercy....keeping it on hold!
I pray we won't be found wanting in Jesus Name.
God Bless Aunt Hazel

Deborah Will said...

Yes I believe there are some sheep we need in the fold Hazel.

Joanne Viola said...

Yes, I am grateful for His patience and that He is not willing for any to perish. Blessings!

Floyd Samons said...

That's scary business! A hotel just up the street from us burnt to the ground a couple night ago. Good thing Robert has good ol' fashioned common sense and a good sniffer!