Monday, August 8, 2016


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Cut the Apron Strings  - A true Story

The announcement by our young teen age son that he wanted to purchase a motorcycle touched a spark in me that caused my hair to stand on end.   

Although he was old enough to drive one, I refused to even consider the thought.  I suppose I was a domineering Mom and also a bit (lot) strict. 

But mom, I already have a job lined up to deliver packages for a courier service - - and this cycle belonged to the lady who had this job before.  She is asking a very good price for it and it will be a safe bike. 

About that time, my husband entered the room having heard the conversation.  He gently came along side me and whispered in my ear, “Hazel it is time to cut the apron strings!” 

That remark was like cold water thrown on my face, but it did wake me up. 

“Alright,” I told our son, “but let Dad go with you and if he thinks it is a good buy, you can go ahead with your plans.”  A Happy boy purchased his cycle and he also got the job. 

He did enjoy the money this after school job gave him, and I noticed that he had purchased an extra helmet. 
One day, here he came, with one of the girls from our church perched on the back of the cycle, both as happy as jay birds.  He was observing all the rules of safety and also enjoying the prestige that this small cycle gave him. 

Children do grow up, and when they are responsible and hopefully wise - - it is time to allow them to make adult choices.   

As our children reached adulthood, there have been times that I have had to say, “Well I don’t approve, but you are old enough to know right from wrong, so I thank you for at least telling me what you plan to do.”   

I have learned to cut the strings even when it is painful. The worse part is that cutting the apron strings can hurt the mother and sometimes also the child as she releases her hold on her babies. 

I am reminded that God has cut the apron strings on us and permits us to make decisions.

Not all our choices are so good for us, but God allows us to make our own mistakes. 

At other times, the Lord is pleased with us as he sees us “Happy as jay birds” enjoying the pleasures of riding (or walking) on the path he has laid out for us. 

Although I do not consider the Holy Spirit to be apron strings, I do appreciate that He walks along side me and whispers in my ear – I am with you always; where ever you go.
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Cheryl said...

This post hit a nerve with me, as I am feeling some of the same feelings. It is not easy, but God is showing me gently that He loves our dear boy even more than we do, and He is safe in His care always. Thank you for this insightful post, Hazel and for the weekly link-up. I appreciate you.


It certainly is not an easy process 😊
But we have to anyway and for the sake of the children.
Thank you Aunt Hazel for sharing your wisdom in these stories

Deborah Will said...

Love how you shared Hazel about God cutting the apron strings on us and permits us to make decisions. A lot of thought in that one.

Something all us Mom's experience. You handled that one with grace. My son asked me to sign a release for him to ride a bull one time at a rodeo and I had to say no and he never did.

Sharon said...

Oh Hazel, there are few things more difficult than *cutting apron strings*. My sons are both adults now, married, and one has a child of his own. And I still struggle with wanting to "help" them with their lives!! (Seems that I have a tendency to use duct tape to put those strings together again?!)

But yes, growth never happens when trust is never extended. I love how God gives us the chance to grow in Him by sometimes letting us loose to make our own choices. Wisdom comes through experience!!


Floyd Samons said...

It works that way for dads too, sister, especially with girls. My little one's going to college next week. She knows right from wrong, but more importantly knows God… many prayers going up for our children… after we cut those apron strings.