Monday, May 30, 2016

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Burnt toast and Curly Hair 

My Dad insisted that he was born with straight black hair, but always wished for curls. 

As he tells it, his sister Blanch told him that if he really wanted black curly hair that he must eat lots of burnt toast.  My dad believed her, and each morning he would burn his toast on purpose to a crisp and enjoy the flavor. 

Some say this is a myth, but I wonder, because after many months it began to work, for his black hair began to curl.  All the days that I knew my dad he sported black curly hair. 

Dad may have told me that story in-order to get me to eat my burnt toast, and I don’t mind toast that is a bit burnt, however my blond hair never did turn black with curls. 

Many of us are not satisfied with our hair, our shape, our nose, our eyes, because we have this tendency to always want to be something different than the way God made us. 

Let me diverse here and apply this toward a spiritual subject.  Here is where we can be changed into a New Creation, to never be the same again. 

Isn’t it wonderful that you do not need to eat burnt toast to become this new person?  Simply invite Jesus into your heart and he does the changing by his Holy Spirit. 

2 Corinthians 5:17  Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things are passed away; behold, new things have come.
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Judy said...

Thank you. I enjoyed your story about Burnt Toast.


Interesting how many of us Are Disatisfied with one thing or another.😕
Thank you for sharing this beautiful story.
Blessings to you

Lux G. said...

I wrote many years ago about hair trouble. People with straight hair wants to be curly and vice versa. For me, I don't see any problem with it because I personally want to try for style's sake. The problem comes in when it's born out of discontentment or envy towards others.

But I love this burnt toast story. I don't mind a slightly burnt toast either. :)

Sharon said...

I got a chuckle out of this story. I think our parents tell us all kinds of *stories* to get us to eat things - my dad was really good at doing that to make us eat our vegetables!! It never worked - I still don't like brussels sprouts!

The spiritual lesson is wonderful. Yes, I am very glad that becoming a new creation is as easy as accepting Jesus as your Savior. Living that out, and maturing along the way, is a bit harder - but the Holy Spirit helps us in that, too!


Floyd Samons said...

Awe. That was great, Hazel! We're never satisfied with this flesh... but usually for all the wrong reasons. Thanks for the reminder that we're made exactly how our Father designed us. I guess that's not too bad!