Monday, May 9, 2016

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Are We Rich Now? 
A True story from my Book "Rescue the Stories Book 2."

When my husband went into business for himself, in the early 1970’s - - our children wondered; “Are we rich now?” 

Jealousy in the heart of the boss’s son (and the boss’s wife), caused my husband to lose his secure job, but his boss told him that he would help him go into business for himself. 

My husband was worried to try this alone and wanted to bring in the son of his old boss as a partner.  Instead I encouraged him not to do that as it would be a linking together with an unbeliever.  In his place I would help him and God would be our partner.  My husband had peace about it and agreed. 

He studied hard for the test, and it was all a process but God gave him wisdom, and he passed the contractors license test in a breeze.    

We secured a loan and purchased a flat bed truck and placed small ads in the news paper.  His old boss even made a deal for us to help him with some of his subcontracting work for a percentage. 

Now we were a company with a name, and that gave us prestige.  Our children asked me “Are we rich now?”   I had to sit them all down and explain that prior to this new event in our lives, their Dad had to depend on his boss for work, and now we had to depend on God to give us jobs so we could earn our daily bread.  I urged them to be happy, but not proud with an attitude of "I'm better than you."    

I think we worked harder than ever before, especially that first year.  The placing of ads in the paper, the giving of bids and follow up all took time.   

God blessed us but we both labored diligently at this new endeavor.  I took phone calls, ran errands to secure permits, did the books along with taxes, and my husband did the hard part - the actual job.  No we weren’t rich, but not poor either, just hard working - - “Middle class people.”   

I suppose in many ways - - we were rich too!

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Sharon said...

There is a *richness* that happens in the heart, not in the wallet! It occurs to me that your family, working together and sticking together in love, through thick and thin, and resting in the providence of God, is what being *rich* is all about.


Saleslady371 said...

It’s interesting how that opportunity came to you. I think your husband is a rich man to have accomplished honest, hard earned work in those days, but also by having such a wise helpmate and assistant. I am adding you to my long, long list of couples who work well together!

Floyd Samons said...

Indeed... rich beyond measure! What a great example you and Robert were and are to your kids and every other person that shares even a small part of this life's journey.