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Santa's Beard 

“I’m the oldest, so let me be first,” I said to my younger brother and sister.  

It was a few weeks before Christmas, and Mother had agreed to take us downtown to view the Holiday window displays with all the animated figures at the major stores.   

Inside the Largest store was a Santa Clause sitting on a large throne waiting for the children with their lists of wishes.  

Now I must let you know that my mother had already told us kids that there was NO Santa Clause. 

She explained that it is a story about a good man who is no longer alive, but the story lives.  Each year, men dress up like Santa and it is sort of a game.  We know the truth, but it would be fun for you children to visit Santa and get a free candy cane. 

So here we were in line waiting for our turn to tell Santa what we wanted for Christmas and receive the free candy. 

I told Santa I wanted a doll with eyes that opened and closed and she must say Mama.  Since I am the investigating type, I looked very carefully at his disguise, and said “Thank you,” as I took my candy.

I spoke to my brother, “Allen, it is your turn next, but look closely at his beard and you will see a red string just under his chin.” 

Perhaps Allen was not quite as observant as I was, because at first glance, he could not see the red ribbon.  He tilted his head and tried to look under Santa’s beard causing some embarrassment to Santa.   

When Allen was satisfied the beard was fake, he told Santa he wanted an electric train and left with his free candy.
~ ~ ~ 

In life, all is not always as it seems.  We listen to the promises of the politicians and are confused when we discover their many lies. 

We pay good money so our children can attend college to discover many professors are teaching them to hate America and Israel, and cast away all morals learned at their mothers knee.  Some middle school teachers are requiring students to learn about the Muslim faith, and say a prayer to Allah.

Anymore we wonder what is fake and what is real.

I am reminded of the old hymn, “Standing on the Promises of God.”  It is in God’s Word that we will find the answer to REAL Eternal Life, by following the REAL Jesus.  He is the Way the Truth and the Life.

May we take a good look at the manger, the walk of Jesus, the cross and the empty tomb, and His promise to return. 

You will find that there is a red line running all through the Bible and it is the blood of Jesus to wash away all our iniquity.

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P.S. At the time I wrote this, I shared this story at the Traditional church I then attended, and when I sat down, the Pastor said, "We don't always agree with people's opinions about politics and I doubt very much if our schools are teaching our children to hate America and to embrace the Islam way of life."
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(Me again) The sad thing is that our schools began to fail many years ago when the Bible and prayer was removed from our schools.  Muslims admit they are using a system called the "Trojan Horse."  It is to slowly slip in a bit here and there until they finally take over.  Many college students are refusing to say the pledge of Allegiance to our flag, and history books are being rewritten.  It pays to do a Google search with the questions, "Are our children being taught to hate America and a second question, Are our children being taught to embrace Islam."  It might surprise you what comes up when you do some research.
By the way - - Soon after this, I left the Traditional church and now attend a church that believes in truth.
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Saleslady371 said...

Christianity calls us to a different standard than what our children hear and see in the world. It really sobers me to think of the influence Christian teachers and church leaders have as lights and carriers of the Good News. Some are inspirational; some are politically correct and I can’t tell them apart from the unbelievers. No wonder we parents and grandparents pray like crazy for our kids every day!

Floyd Samons said...

Great analogy and tie in. I'll bet that preacher is feeling a bit foolish now. True wisdom comes from God!

Janis Van Keuren said...

Hazel, I so enjoyed your story about visiting Santa Claus. What joy for little boys and girls--although I was afraid of this man. And you can see me leaning away from him in my photo. Interestingly enough, both of my boys had the same reaction!
It was upsetting to hear what happened at that traditional church you once attended. Being politically correct these days seems to be influencing our Christian values.
I get so upset when I hear my own children's thoughts about what is truth and how we have to accept other people's way of live. And my kids went to Christian Schools!
The only solution is prayer for our children and nation as Saleslady says.
By the way, if I started a blog hop for food & recipes one day a week, like we use to have at Ann Kroeker's site, would you be interested in participating? I'm thinking about it.