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True story from my "Rescue the Stories Book Three"

"Robbers Break Through and Steal"

 The year was 1985 and we had just moved to our new mansion on the hill overlooking the Pleasanton valley.  A gate at the entrance of the long steep winding road, opened with a special security lock. 

Residents with the combination to the gate were free to enter, and of course visitors, service workers, utility employees and the police.

Because of the steep road, not many people were given permits to build on this lush mountain top.  It took a special meeting with the city council and a convincing speech by Robert to secure our permit.

Our Realtor friend, said, “My son and his friend will do some landscaping for you at a reasonable price.” The two young teen age boys worked hard and soon our front yard became a charming show place.

A few weeks later, on a Sunday morning, while we were away at church; we had a surprise break in. 

Our bedroom window had been pried open, and many small items such as jewelry, watches, a coin collection, guns, cameras, binoculars, radios, and other items were taken. 

It did not take long to itemize several thousand dollars worth to report to the insurance company.

The police questioned us about those who might have had access to our gated community; and we thought of the two landscaping boys.

Time passed and one afternoon, a Police Detective arrived and told us the thieves had been caught, but alas, most of our goods had already been sold.  He handed me a photograph and asked if we recognized the young boy.

I took the photo noting a name and address on the back, and exited the room saying, “I will be right back.” 

Taking up a pen and paper, I jotted down the boy’s name and address, thinking, “I will send the boy a letter with some Bible verses,” but I changed my mind and decided to allow the police to do their punishment.

Soon after that robbery we installed a security system !!

In life it pays to keep a mental and spiritual security system that alerts you when the burglar of all thieves is trying to steal from you.  Keep in tune with the Holy Spirit's voice.

There are many things that try to steal our joy, our patience and our peace of mind - - if we permit them to do so.  Don’t allow negative thoughts to torment you about your past or the uncertainty of your future.

Old Satan is known as the thief and the father of liars.  He slips around trying to steal our health, our wealth and our Faith by his cunning procedures.  He is like the animal that steals and leaves you with a gift. 

Satan robs your tranquility and leaves behind, fear, pain, depression and even guilt that it was your fault.  Don’t let the devil rob you in 2016. 
Keep your mind stayed on Jesus.
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Cheryl said...

I needed to read your advice here tonight, dear Hazel! I do trust you are feeling better and are healing. I am praying for you, and I love and appreciate you very much!

Floyd Samons said...

Love your perspective. Of course if those items were your gods you'd be in a much worse place, but you have the wisdom to know it's a fallen world. Thanks for the reminder that it is all about how we use our free will from God to choose how to see this world.

Happy New Year to you and yours, Hazel. I pray blessings upon you and yours. And thanks for being a beautiful Light in my world year after year.

Sharon said...

Hazel, I have had my house broken into, and it's the worst sense of violation. Knowing you, though you didn't send the verses, I'm sure you prayed for that young man. And I'm sure your prayers had great power in his life.

This that you wrote meant a lot to me: "Don’t allow negative thoughts to torment you about your past or the uncertainty of your future."

Oh, what a blessing to read that! Yes, our enemy is a thief. And he'll wrangle his way into every aspect of our lives...if we let him.

As I enter 2016, God has given me a *word* to focus on. I have a feeling that it's going to change me, and empower me to fight the good fight even better. For it will indeed keep me focused on Jesus!