Monday, August 31, 2015

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A True Story from my book Rescue the Stories Book Two

Accounting Error
My friend called me and asked if I would like a temporary job where she worked. 

She said, “They need some simple research done, and with your math expertise, you would be a good choice.”

“Sure,” I told her, “Give me directions how to get there, and when to show up.” 

This was a strange request, but I could understand that my friend was occupied doing her own job and the Senior Accounts Payable person was busy and did not have time to research what they wanted me to do.

The Senior Accountant handed me last months account records, and told me the balance was off by ten cents, and I was hired to find it and correct it.
My question was, “Why not cover a ten cent error with an accounting adjustment and let it go?”

The accountant in no uncertain terms said, “We can’t do that.  You must find the error and fix it properly.” 

I could see that I was dealing with a perfectionist, so there was no arguing about it.  You can’t treat a business the same way we often treat our personal check book balances. 

Carefully I set out to audit last months accounts, and I found them to be perfect.  I was told to go over them again until I found the error.  After being there for four days, I finally made a request that I be given the account records for the previous month.

The accountant told me that she had already gone over them, and they were fine.   

Almost begging her I asked, “Please let me have a look.”  Finally she relented and retrieved the prior month’s records. 

Whispering a prayer for help, I set out to find the error.  God was gracious and it did not take me very long, and there it was - - big as you please, or should I say small as you please the ten cents worth of error. 

In life there are times, when it is easier to sluff off the small stuff and try to let it go, and other times there is a need to search for the error and make a hard call to fix it correctly. 

I am thankful that God has one book with our name in it, and all the other evidence against us has been washed away and our record has been made clean.
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Hello Aunt Hazel, interesting story you have shared today.
All that effort for a 10 cents error! I am grateful the Blood of Jesus has wiped our slates clean.
I like that you prayed to find it out. I always like to pray when I am looking for something too. The Holy Spirit is so kind to show us secrets.
God Bless Aunt Hazel

Joanne Viola said...

Grateful for the reminder to take care of the small things before they become the big things. May you have a blessed week!

Sharon said...

What a great story! I can remember trying to balance the checkbook, and being off a few cents, and then spending an inordinate amount of time finding the error. Sometimes, no matter how hard I looked, I just couldn't find it. It was then that a *fresh set of eyes* was needed.

It's the same with the Lord. I need HIS eyes to check things out, and to point out the errors, whether big or small, so they can be corrected!


nannette elkins said...

All the other evidence has been washed away! Yes! I was surprised by your assignment but love your perseverance. So happy God has only ONE book and I am thankful my name is written there! ♥

Floyd Samons said...

Wow. You truly do have the patience of Job! I couldn't have done that to save my life! I admit, that is a wonderful witness to a lost world. Perseverance and diligence along with intelligence and wisdom are all gifts from our Father.