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A True Story from my book Rescue the Stories Book One

My Cousin had a mean streak!
Defend Yourself

While job and house hunting in the 1940’s, my aunt and uncle, along with their two children moved in with us for a few weeks.   

My girl cousin was full of energy accompanied by a mean streak! She would run, take a flying leap and jump on my brother’s back with her legs locked around his waist.  Then, with fists flailing, she pounded on his back until he would cry for help. 

Our aunt did not reprimand or punish her.  In fact, my aunt thought it was funny!  Because my brother had been taught not to hit girls, he was defenseless against her!  Finally, in desperation, I took him aside and reasoned with him.  We agreed that, in this case, he had a perfect right to defend himself.   

The next time she pulled this stunt, my brother unexpectedly sat down, rolled over backwards, flipped upright, and held her down until she cried for help.  She never tried that again, at least not in our household. 

Do you ever feel like life is jumping on YOUR back and giving you a good thrashing? 

Let me tell you that you have a right to defend yourself.  The Bible tells us in the book of James, (first step) to draw near to God and He will draw near to us.   

The second step is to resist the devil (and his problems that seem to throw themselves at you) and he will flee from you. 

Drawing near to God is a preventative measure!  You can actually avoid the thrashing that will roll off your back as you resist.   

Then, it may just be time to stand still and allow God to fight for you.  Let Him send the devil running!

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Joanne Viola said...

Hazel, I enjoyed the story which you shared. And it made me realize .... "Stop. Drop. Roll." is a spiritual strategy as well :) Wonderful way to remember this. Have a blessed week!

Sharon said...

Hazel, what a great story! And such very wise advice. I have found myself in a mighty wrestling match as of late - and I just don't have the strength to fight. Thankfully, the Lord fights my battles alongside me. And, since He has already won the ultimate victory, I think we know who wins the battles in life!!


Crystal Mary said...

Oh gosh, that girl cousin! I'm glad your brother learned how to out mauver her ..I just love the book of James. he is so straightforward and right in all he says. xxx

Crystal Mary said...

Hazel, I read Roberts story about someone stealing the car hubcaps while you were in church... But, when I clicked on comment, I couldn't get in.. Its difficult to just let go of anger when something unfair happens, I had to do it again recently, and it turned it all around for the best.. xx