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A True Story from My Book “Rescue the Stories Book One” 

My Face Was RED !!
My mother did not wear make up and as a three year old child, I think I may have figured out one of the reasons why! 

One Sunday morning, to keep me occupied while we were in church, Mother let me look through her purse.  First, there was a small mirror that kept me busy for a few minutes. 
Wait, what was this?  I discovered a pretty little box with something blushing red in it, and a tiny powder puff.  Using the mirror, I began to apply the red stuff to my cheeks. 

The congregation had been asked to stand, while they sang all the verses to one of the hymns.  This gave me adequate time to complete my make-up job! 

As if my cheeks were not enough, some of the pretty powdered rouge found its way to my chin.  Almost effortlessly, it seemed to glide right up to my forehead until my entire countenance was a fabulous rosy-red. 

When the song was finished and mother sat back down, she was unpleasantly surprised to find that I had started an extreme make-over in church. 

The back row giggled! 

Mother quietly excused herself.  She firmly escorted me to the bathroom where some soap-and-water was applied, along with some vigorous scrubbing!  Soon, I was back to my old, pale self.  

How many of us have ever done something in innocence, only to later discover that we were an embarrassment to others - - - and possibly to ourselves? 

Isn’t it a wonder how God forgives our silliness, and gives us Grace to wash away that foolishness, so we can present a happy face to our world? 

God is so kind!  He may even snicker at some of our childish escapades.  For me, at least, there were not any far-reaching consequences; my mother knew what to do, and I allowed her to help me out of my situation, without fussing.   

If we are willing to keep a flexible attitude, and are constantly ready to clean-up and start over, it makes the lessons easier.  A teachable spirit is what God desires of us.  The Bible calls it repentance: stopping and turning, and going in the other direction. 

If at times, you find yourself with a “red face,” be willing to be escorted to The Fountain!  Without fail, the flow will wash you and make you presentable again. 

Psalms 51:7  Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean: Wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.

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Cheryl said...

Oh, my word, Hazel! I sat here and laughed out loud while reading this!!! This is so funny...I can just picture your mother doing that! And what a great analogy about how we need to go wash in the fountain that was opened at Calvary!!! You are such a blessing, and the telling of your stories is a true gift!!

Sharon said...

Oh Hazel! Great story, and wonderful lesson. I remember one Sunday when my brother and I got our signals crossed, and ended up sitting by ourselves in church (parents were elsewhere). My brother drew the funniest cartoon using the flap of the offering envelope. Of course, we were overcome with giggles, made all the worse by knowing that you shouldn't laugh in church. I'd like to think that God chuckled, too.

But yes, there are other things that are not so innocent, when we do indeed paint ourselves *red*. Thankfully, God is patient with His scrubbing!



Hello Aunt Hazel, couldn't help but laugh too. Your story reminds of my little girl who loves to try on my clothes and look like "mom".
Thank God for His patient love.
God Bless and thanks for the linkup.

Dawn Paoletta said...

Hazel, this was the most precious story! I giggled and could picture it...a TRUE Was My Face Red story if ever there was one!

As far as blog visits go, it varies for me, depending on if I am interrupted from my computer time, Some times, I may only get to visit one, sometimes a few. At other times and various links I will read up to 20 OR try to find newbies to visit and encourage. Again, it varies but my own goal is always to visit, comment and encourage as time permits and God leads. Thank you for your portion here in the blogosphere.

Laurie Collett said...

Just what I needed to hear today, Hazel! Praise God that His compassions for our mistakes are new every morning, even when we are old enough to know better! Thanks for the great post and for hosting.
God bless,

Susan Mead said...

Hazel, I could SEE you. Such a fun read. And a magnificent reminder to go willingly to The Fountain. Found you the Kelly Balarie's raralinkup.

May I invite You to dance with Jesus each Friday? I host #DanceWithJesus linkup each week at if so.

Again, fun story! Thank you for hosting.

Joanne Viola said...

Hazel, this story brought a smile to my face as I have a picture of 2YO Jocelyn, who in the speed of light, managed to take off her clothes, get a marker & put makeup on her entire body. Yes, head to toe. Thankfully, it was washable :) I am more thankful for God's grace & mercy which covers my mistakes each & every day. Wonderful reminder this morning!

Shandra Harris said...

Hazel this is such a sweet and wonderful example. Thank you!