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A True Story from My Book “Rescue the Stories Book One”

 Life is not always “Pink”
Thinking back to my Kindergarten days, I realize now that we were fortunate to have an extraordinary teacher.  Miss Helen Jane was a bubbly person, always smiling, and as she spoke she would look into the eyes of each child.   

She stood at the door welcoming each child by calling their name as they entered the room, and at the end of the day she would again stand at the door and plant a kiss on our cheek.   

The girls did not mind, but for show, the boys would usually rub off her kiss.   

In today’s world those kisses would certainly not be approved by the School board, or the State or the Federal Government.  But that was the year 1937 and things were different then. 

An old victrola was in our room, and as we sat in a circle Miss Helen Jane would play music and shuffle our names from a group of flash cards. The child, whose name was shown on the card, was asked to skip around the circle and return back to his or her seat.  Our teacher made a game out of us being able to recognize our name.   

I remember that our chairs and tables were all painted a lovely hot pink.   

There was one chair that was brown.  Our teacher called it the “Thinking Chair.”  The idea was; those who misbehaved were to sit and “think” until they were ready to apologize to our teacher.   

Actually I don’t remember any child ever having to sit in that 'bad brown' thinking chair.  We all wanted to please our teacher and be good children. 

When Kindergarten was over and I entered the first grade room, you can imagine my shock when I discovered that all the chairs and tables were that 'bad brown' – not pretty pink.   

What had I done to deserve this?   

Aint that the truth, Life isn’t always Fair and Fun like Kindergarten ! 

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Sharon said...

Oh, those wonderful days of kindergarten! We really did learn so much more than we realized - and not just academics!! Your teacher sounds wonderful. Mine was, too. Very young, and very kind - and it made all the difference in the world to me, as I suffered from some pretty severe separation anxiety.

Might we always strive to be in the *pink chair* for our Lord and Savior - pleasing Him in all we do, think, and say!


Cheryl said...

Oh, Hazel! This was such a precious story. It made cry, when I read the part about that sweet teacher and how she would plant a kiss on each of you before you left, and how innocent this all was, and how, as you said, it would never be permitted now because of all of the perversions that have led to stringent rules. I long for those old days! Sometimes, I just cry thinking of how things were back then, in my Mom's and your generation, and I wish with all my soul they could be that way again. I don't see things ever being that way again, but we have Heaven to look forward to, don't we? God bless you for being the bright, shining light you are to us! Thank you for keeping the "good, old days" alive...if only in our memory!

LeeAnne, Style N Season said...

Hazel, I think as we growi older and wiser we accept more and more that the world is not"fair", at least according to our limited understanding. Then we realize that God is fair afterall in His own way, it's just that we don't understand it yet. Cute story of the pink chair! ^__^

Joanne Viola said...

Hazel, this story made me smile as I have read several thoughts lately on what we learn in kindergarten :) Yesterday I read, "We are taught in kindergarten to share yet it takes a lifetime to learn." It is always good to be here! Blessings!

Laurie Collett said...

The thinking chair! I haven't thought about that for a very long time, but I seem to remember there was one in our grade school too! Love your story -- my kindergarten experience was not as happy, and I almost got held back a year for not coloring inside the lines! Thanks for hosting & God bless,