Monday, February 2, 2015

Tell Me a True Story week 02 02 15

I Love a True Story
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Mama, I Can’t See
Carefully I managed to back down off the cot where I slept and cautiously feel my way to the wall.  Then I inched along my pathway into the kitchen where my mother was preparing breakfast.

“Mama, I can’t see,” was my childish plea. 

Immediately my mother understood my problem... 

For days, I had been coughing and during that night the congestion had caused mucus to trickle from my eyes closing them as I slept. 

Unable to open my eyes I was crying out for help.

“Not to worry,” said my mother, as she reached for a wash cloth and soaked it with warm water.  Gently she applied the cloth to my face and eyes, and before long I was set free from my prison of blindness.

Thinking back this was the worse case scenario of what we called “sleepy” in our eyes. 

In life there are times when our Spiritual eyes seem to be closed and we are not able to comprehend all the good things God has in store for us.  We sleep our way through life, ignoring the gifts that He desires us to have and use.
Other times we turn our eyes away not wanting to see the suffering of others.  The fact is that even here in America there are those who are cold and go hungry every night.

We prefer to shut our eyes and ears when we hear reports of Christians being killed because of their faith.  We think to ourselves, “It can’t happen here,”  but the truth is that it can; even as various groups grow bolder in their hatred for Jesus and Christians.

May we cry out; “Oh Lord, open my eyes that I might see.”
And then open my ears so I can hear and ask, “What is the next thing that you desire me to do?”
~ ~ ~ ~

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Sharon said...

Sometimes looking at the world can be scary and depressing, but when we look at it from God's perspective, it can be comforting because we know that God can take care of it.

May we have eyes to see, but hearts that do not give in to defeat and discouragement. And may God use us to be His presence to comfort, love, and reach out to those who need Him so.


jviola79 said...

Wonderful illustration. We so need our eyes opened. So grateful He places a warm salve & give sight!

Laurie Collett said...

Great story and analogy, Hazel! May He open the eyes of our heart. Thanks for hosting & God bless!

Pam said...

I have a very similar memory, Hazel! You bring that back to me today, my mom with that warm washcloth... and your great correlations. Thanks!

Mary Hill said...

I needed this because right now my view of the world is very sad. Thanks for the life lesson.