Monday, January 28, 2013

True Stories Blog Party: Week 48

I love to read True Stories !!
Remembering back to my childhood - -
I grew up in the days before TV and electronic gadgets. (The olden days say my kids.)

At home we did have a radio and always enjoyed the radio shows.  Some were daily and others were once a week.  I would run home from school to listen to Little Orphan Annie, Jack Armstrong and other favorites.

Twice a year we visited my grandparents, and there was less to play with at their home. 

Grandma did have a few books, but not near enough for me.  I was used to visiting the library and checking out 5 at a time.  I brought my own puzzle and color books from home, and we did have an orchard to explore and climb trees.  Grandma didn’t even have a cat or dog for us to play with. The only animals were chickens in a coop and I could help gather the eggs.  One wonderful thing that Grandma did was to make us real biscuits for breakfast and she also made us sugar cookies. Yum.

When Grandpa irrigated his orchard, we were allowed to get wet in the weir that collected the water before it went to the orchard. 

Old Fashioned

For entertainment my grandma had one of those Stereoscopes you look through and you would see 3D with two identical photos you would place at the end of the scope.  That was a part of our world on our twice a year visit to Grandma and Grandpa’s ranch. 

Please review these suggestions.

How far back can you remember?  Can you rescue your true stories and post them here?

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bluecottonmemory said...

I remember living with my grandmother - going to the library and check out a stack of books, too! It was a quieter living - a more savory living, I think:)

Kristin said...

My best memories were as a little girl visiting my grandparents on their farm. I loved the cows in the pastures, swimming in their ponds, running all over their land with my siblings and cousins, playing in the barn. My grandmother also made the best bisquits and gravy and sugar cookies...I sure miss her! Such good times:)