Monday, April 9, 2018

Using Simple Holy Spirit Gifts

Sunday Morning Sermon Digested from my notes


Pastor Allan was ministering as he reminded the congregation to let God be God.  Jesus Christ is real and He is here to change lives, to heal our pain and to bless.  He has a purpose and we yield to that.  God is a father to the orphans, and a husband to the widows.

We celebrated Resurrection Sunday and Jesus is alive.  There was a blood sacrifice at Calvary, but the third day Jesus arose from the dead; yet the disciples still did not believe.

Jesus revealed himself to them saying touch me and see the holes in my hands, feet and side.  He commissioned them to wait in Jerusalem for the Holy Spirit to endue them with Power from on High to be witnesses.

Here we encourage our people to allow the Holy Spirit freedom to be here.  Some may kneel at the altar or lay on the floor when the presence of the Holy Spirit is so strong.

If you are new here, you may wonder what is going on?  Sometimes we do not understand, but it is scriptural and God is not in a box, and He must be given freedom to move.

I would encourage you to seek Jesus the giver and be open to receive the Holy Spirit.  He will baptize you and fill you with joy.  The Holy Spirit has gifts for you.  We release the freedom of the Holy Spirit in our midst.

We are where God wants us.  Understand in Romans chapter 12 there were gifts given to the body of Christ.  I Corinthians 12 there are other gifts from the Holy Spirit.

Don’t get so caught up in the gifts that you ignore the giver. 

First: Our relationship with Jesus and our Father God, is most important.  Jesus operated in the Spirit and always did what pleased His Father God.

Second:  Let our words not be us, but what the Father is telling us to say.  The Holy Spirit will show you things by discernment.  In your spirit you will be given wisdom and understanding as you learn to listen to the still small voice inside you.

Romans 12 begins by urging us to present our bodies to God and not to be conformed to this world.  To keep humble before God, to be soberly minded and not puffed up.

There are different gifts according to grace.  Some are called for one type of ministry, but no one is left behind.  It is not about having a title, but all about serving God.  Wait on your ministry.  Some will preach, teach, prophesy, and exhort.  Exhortation is sharing God’s goodness with others. 

Some gifts are so simple we may not recognize them at first:  Show mercy with cheerfulness.  Love one another, be patient,  giving liberally to those in need.  Be diligent in business (not lazy), abhor evil and rejoice with those who are joyful, and weep with those who sorrow.  Bless those who persecute you, not wishing evil on them or trying to pay them back.  Live in peace with others; be honest in all your dealings, overcome evil with good.

All these are gifts to use as you are walking along side the Holy Spirit.   Operate in these gifts that are shed abroad.  Check your own spirit if you are judging someone else.

Know your attitude is important, so be kind and graceful as you minister according to your faith.

Be full of the Spirit even as you serve in various manners that seem simple; knowing that God’s view is different than ours.  God credits your gift as the same value as the Prophet, Evangelist or Preacher.

Our Bible teacher, Linda has amazing ways to illustrate God’s message to you.  Exhort as God’s heart is revealed to you, and be bold to make declarations of faith.

I would encourage you all to study God’s word, keeping in truth.  Also to attend meetings we make available to you.  Be diligent, study, and prepare yourselves as you serve God.  Be persistent in prayer.

Always remember it is Jesus who is the important one, (not you.)  There is no competition and we show honor to each other, not trying to out do one another.  Show affection to one another, love one another with out hypocrisy. 

Use your gifts to glorify Christ.  This is God’s design for the body to serve one another in perfect love.

Sometimes God gives you a word that needs to be held for awhile.  It may be Words of Knowledge or discernment, or words of wisdom.  There are times we need confirmation to use common sense along with Godly wisdom.

God desires us as a church to seek, receive and use Spiritual gifts.  He wants us to operate this way, according to our measure of faith.

Do not fear the Holy Spirit because he is our friend, our Helper, Our Comforter and our Guide.  He only gives good gifts to those who ask.

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Floyd Chaplin said...

This is an excellent reminder that we all have gifts... it's just a matter of using them as designed by our Father, to bring Him glory.