Tuesday, February 6, 2018


We meet on Wednesday mornings to pray for our City, our State and our Nation.  We have a short Bible lesson before we pray.  Presented is our lesson as we Pray for our city from the location of the Heavenly places.

“And hath raised us up together, and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus:”  Ephesians 2:6

When I wake up earlier than usual I have began a new practice in the morning. 

First: Take dogs out, get coffee and read a chapter from my Bible . . .  then read from a Spirit Filled book about encounters with God. 

I am reading “Secrets of the Seer by Jamie Galloway.  In the Old Testament, the Prophets were called “Seer’s” because they "SAW" the secrets from the Father God’s Heart.  This is true today, and although we are not all “Prophets” or “Seers,” we have been given the privilege to enter into God’s presence and He will reveal to us HIS secrets.  Paul said, I would that you all Prophesy (See and say what is in the Father's Heart.)

As I read today, Rev Galloway mentions Adam and Eve in the garden being able to “See God” and Talk with God himself as they walked with Him in the cool of the evening.  Their eyes were open to SEE things about the garden, the animals, and all around them.  And then - - they sinned.  God came looking for them, and they heard his voice and hid among the trees.  God called, “Where are you?  (He knew where they were, but God wanted them to admit to Him their location.) 

An interesting thing came to my understanding as I read this.  Here was Adam and Eve, now in their sinful state, and they were still able to hear God’s voice, and to SEE Him.  My question was WHY could they still see God in their sinful position?  The Lord said to me - - It was because of their “Location.” 
They were still in the perfect garden where all was beautiful and wonderful.  However because of their sin, they realized they were naked, and God performed the first blood sacrifice in order to make clothes from animal skins to cover their bodies.  No longer could they stay in that wonderful Paradise of the Garden, but now it was necessary for them to leave their present “Location” and enter a world of hard work, shame, and suffering. 

As soon as they were escorted out of the garden by the angels of God; they ceased to see God.   Now it was necessary for them to have a go between (a Seer; a Prophet) to speak for God the Mysteries of Heaven.

The question for today is:  “How can we as human individuals SEE God and HEAR his voice? 

May I suggest:  The answer is LOCATION.  Find your secret place and enter into the HOLY of Holies because the curtain has been torn down making available to you a place to meet God and SEE Him. 

Take time in this location, to read your Bible and speak to God.  First Honor him; (Hallowed be thy Name.)  Understand that He desires to set up His Kingdom on earth (in the hearts of men and women.)  His will is that NO one should perish.  Ask for souls to be born into His kingdom.  Ask for your daily “bread” your needs of the day.  Be sure to ask forgiveness and to forgive those who have caused you worry.  Understand His POWER and GLORY will continue with you all of this day as you leave the “Location” of your closet. 

You will take His presence with you and will be able to SEE things around you that were invisible to you prior to meeting God this morning.  You may find that God reveals to you needs of people you meet - - probably not to speak of it, but to pray for them.  Other times you may approach your friends and offer them council from God’s heart. 
Be ready for this is a New Day and God is on His Throne and you are there with Him.

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Floyd Chaplin said...

Wow. A ton of wisdom in this, sister. The location of our place of devotional time along with the location of your heart is everything. Awesome.