Wednesday, January 31, 2018

I didn’t Do It - It wasn’t Me !!

As we met to pray over our city, I brought a short Bible lesson to consider


Who did this? A mother may ask, and all the children in a chorus say, “Not me.” 

Were you ever accused of something and it wasn’t you? 

Just one look at recent headlines and you’ll see the world is full of accusations.  So many are quick to believe the worst of what they hear. 
What will you do when your friend is falsely accused?  

In the Bible we will take a look at some who were falsely accused. 

2 Kings 5:  Through no fault of her own, a young Hebrew maid was taken captive and carried to another place.  There she became a slave to Naaman’s wife.  The young girl made the best of her situation and was faithful in her duties.  She bravely declared to her mistress, that if her master would go to the prophet he would be healed.  The result was Naaman was healed of his leprosy.  

Genesis 39:  JosephAs a servant, he was falsely accused of raping the wife of his master, Potiphar.  The wife held up Joseph’s coat as evidence, and she was believed.  Joseph was thrown in prison. This was just one of many ways he suffered unjustly.  However Joseph was faithful where ever he found himself and he prospered.

Numbers 11-14  God and Moses were blamed by the Children of Israelite for bringing them into the wilderness to die, (they said.)  Moses protested; this job is too hard for me - -.  God had him chose 70 wise, mature men and his spirit was placed upon them.  These men now had authority to council and judge the people.  Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to be in us, and had given us authority.  We must step up and take our position where God places us. 

1 Samuel 22-23 David:  Was falsely accused by King Saul (who was insecure and jealous) of trying to dethrone him.  David proved himself to have courage and integrity and waited for God’s timing. 

Job’s  Job was innocent, but he was falsely accused by his friends who believed him to be guilty of sin. 

Jeremiah 37 Jeremiah was falsely accused of being a false prophet, and was imprisoned and thrown into a cistern which is like a dungeon. 

Jesus hung on the cross because of false accusations.  As our High Priest - - If you have ever been falsely accused, know that Jesus sympathizes.  Jesus is the one who intercedes on our behalf to the Father. 

In our city we view homeless people on the street; some through no fault of their own, some because of wrong choices.  Does God care?  Is Jesus concerned about those who are cold and hungry?   Does God want something better for them? 

As we meet our citizens, we must be careful not to accuse them.  If the Holy Spirit reveals something to you, be very cautious and use wisdom in dealing with the situation.

We come to pray over our city, because it is God’s WILL that no one perish.  We pray for their enlightenment, for eyes and hearts to be opened, and for God to move over our city with power.


Betty Draper said...

You are so right about needing to pray over our cities. I just learned today that there is a new homeless city near a friend of mine. Our church has made up packets of small items like soap, shampoo, comb, brush, a gift cirtificate for mcdonalds and a few other items so we may start there on what to do. But need to pray first. Thanks Hazel for the reminder to be cautious and use wisdom.

Floyd Chaplin said...

A lot of great examples of unjust accusations. This is a good reminder to seek grace for others before justice. We all need grace.