Monday, February 13, 2017


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News on our city of Oroville, California.  Our city was shut down and roads were closed due to the failure or the emergency spill way and the damaged regular spillway to our full lake at the Oroville Dam.  They are working frantically to fill with rock and cement the large holes where roads are being washed away.  Most of the city has been evacuated, except for those higher up.  Neighbor cities to the south are being evacuated. 

Robert and I are located over the hill and closer to the mountains.  Our daughter is on the border and we are safe with full pantry and freezer.  We have propane to run a generator if necessary.  We are praying that the workers will have wisdom how to fix this terrible event. 

The emergency ban has been lifted, but people are being advised to pack and prepare if there be another evacuation.

Many feel the dam is in danger, but the water is being released over the damaged regular spillway to lower the lake.  A new storm is expected soon, and also the snow is melting.  Prisoners in the jail have been relocated to Santa Rita, CA. 

We are fine, just praying and asking God to hold the dam together.  Ten years ago, officials wanted to shore up the spillways, but those in government said it would be too expensive - - - and at time there was no emergency so why spend the money????

That is water under the bridge and it is not time to point fingers, but to pray to find a fix for this predicament.

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Saleslady371 said...

Oh, the wonderful benefits of belonging to and in the life to come! I've been listening to the news and praying God keeps you safe in California. All is well?

Michele Morin said...

Wow, sorry to hear about the challenges you're face right now. Thanks for your faithfulness here in spite of it all.

Megs said...

Please private message me on my blog if you know of anyone seeking shelter. I have a friend in that area that reached out through Facebook welcoming anyone in need. Prayers, indeed. Megs

Lisa notes... said...

I've never been a Mystery Shopper but it sounds like fun. Praying for all of you in California this week! May this crisis be solved quickly and permanently.

Unknown said...

Praying for your city and its people. I'm always struck when we get too much of a good thing. There are a ton of lessons in this.