Monday, September 26, 2016


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Counterfeit Checks – A True story from my book “Rescue the Stories – Book 3” 

In the early 1970’s when we were in the roofing business in Oakland, one day we received a package delivered by our UPS man.  He knew something was not on the up and up so he brought the parcel to us instead of delivering it next door. 

The package had our company name on the front, and also the name of our neighbor a known drug addict, old Freddie.

We had not ordered it, and were very surprised as we opened it.  Inside was a check machine where you could adjust numbers that you wanted on a check and our company name was there - - pretty as pink would also show up for the one writing the check; just pull the lever when ready! 

We could only wonder how this would work for our neighbor to be able to forge checks that looked legitimate, and be able to cash them.   

Naturally we never gave the machine to our neighbor and of course we did not tell him that we had it.  He in turn never asked us about it either. 

Our workmen, who had watched us open the box, probably got the word back to old Freddie, because we did not see him around for many weeks.  Usually he was a regular visitor always wanting to borrow money which he always paid back – eventually. 

Even a sinful drug addict can be ashamed of their behavior at times.  They can also be honest at times, because when his welfare check arrived he always paid his drug bill first. 

In another time, Freddie might have been good in business or a good worker, because that was pretty smart to try to counterfeit our checks.  His efforts were misdirected and eventually Freddie died of a drug overdose. 

Missing God’s plan for one’s life can be sad.  Daily choices made can create havoc in later years.   

Joshua admonished in the Scriptures:  "If it is disagreeable in your sight to serve the LORD, choose for yourselves today whom you will serve: but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD." 

Choose and make wise decisions today to avoid the counterfeit and reach out for reality!
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Ifeoma Samuel said...

What a story! It is sad to miss God's plan for life😮😓
I feel sorry for old Freddie.
Thank you for your story today Aunt Hazel.
How have you been?

Unknown said...

I remember this one! I got a little incensed all over again!

I had a gal that was taking checks off the bottom of a massive box of checks and embezzling. Never did reimbursed in full.

You're story is a great reminder for me to be about forgiveness first. That's a hard thing… thanks for your example, sister.