Monday, April 4, 2016

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"Blue Kettle Calamity Averted" - A True Story from my Book Three "Rescue the Stories" 

We hastily departed to begin our long 175 mile trip for our doctor appointments.  The plan was to stay over night.  Generally, we returned home the same day, but this time the doctor had scheduled a follow up appointment for the next morning.  Rather than make two trips, it made more sense, to spend the night at a motel. 

We had only gone a short distance down the road, when I exclaimed to my husband, I don’t believe I turned off the kettle, after I boiled the water for my tea! 

My husband glared at me, “I can’t believe you would do such a thing as that; surely you must have turned it off.”   

He continued, “If you really do think you left it on, you can phone our neighbor, and perhaps they can somehow get into our house, and see if it is on.”  

Once my husband is set on a direction, he almost never wants to turn back for a “just in case,” scenario.  I sheepishly dropped the subject, but it doesn’t mean I put it completely out of my mind.  Silently I prayed - - - Dear Lord, please send your angels to watch over my house, amen!  

After being gone a total of thirty-six hours, we arrived home the following afternoon! My husband unlocked the kitchen door, and was greeted by a frightening sight! 

Fused to the burner of our electric stove, with the burner still on HIGH, the blue kettle was extremely HOT!   The kettle was badly damaged, but other than that everything else was fine.  My heart sank a little, and then suddenly I found myself bursting out loud with praise.  

“Thank you Jesus, but for by the mercy, and goodness of God, our house was preserved and did not catch on fire!!”   

In order to assist my forgetfulness, I have cultivated a new habit.  Now, whenever I boil water, I turn on the kitchen timer.  When it rings, the burner gets turned off!!! New habits are good, but God’s Mercy is even better! 

Psalms 23:6  “Surely Goodness, and Mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.”

And He shall send his angels to watch over you, lest you dash your foot against a stone.

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Hello Aunt Hazel, I am grateful for God's divine protection and answers to prayers!
How are you and Rob?
Thanks for the linkup
God Bless

Lux G. said...

Thanks for another link party.

Sharon said...

Tragedy averted!! And yes, a great story to the faithful protection of our Lord! I am a double-checker (a million times), and yet, sometimes I still forget important things. That's why I always try to have my husband "back me up" with his extra set of eyes!!


Saleslady371 said...

So happy you didn't burn the house down too! That's a wonderful testimony of answered prayer when we ask God to send His angels into a situation!

Floyd Samons said...

I remember this one! That's how I knew the house hadn't burned down. This is a good reminder for me to establish new habits. I just lost something near and dear to my heart so it's time for that new habit.

So thankful our Father answers our prayers, big and small... hot or cold.

Crystal Mary said...

I agree Hazel. Where would we be without Gods mercy. Praise his name forever. xx