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It’s Only a Small Zucchini !!    

My items were few in number, so I decided to go through the self help line where you scan your own items.

Quickly I ran each item through the process, and paid for my purchases.  

Hastily I placed my bags into my shopping cart and sped out to the parking lot.

As I loaded my goods into my van, I noticed there on the bottom of the shopping cart, one lonely zucchini squash that I had forgot to scan and pay for.

Oh yes, I was in a hurry, but I knew the few cents that I owed for this item, must be paid for.  Otherwise I would not be able to sleep good tonight.

Hurrying back into the store; I got in line again at the “Do it yourself scanner.”

There you go; 34 cents was my purchase.  I decided to find change in my purse and enter the coins one at a time.  Plunk, plink, plink - - paid in full.

Taking my receipt, I left the store, feeling good about being honest in the smallest of things.

Now Lord, help me to be honest about the bigger things!

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Saleslady371 said...

I bet that zucchini never tasted so good, not to mention your sleep that night! Good witness to all of us.

Hazel Moon said...

Yes for sure. When I shared this story at the church I used to attend - - a good Christian woman commented. I would have kept it, after all it was only a little zucchini.


Hi Aunt Hazel, it may be little and no one else knows. It may be little and no one sees but God knows and God sees it. Thank you for sharing your experience. This is a call to faithfulness even when we feel no one will find us. Love you loads Aunt Hazel. God bless you

Jed Jurchenko said...

Hey Hazel,
Great story. Honesty is important and I've done something similar. Shortly after Addison was born. She and I walked to the grocery store. The two of us were half-way home, when I realized I had never paid for the bottle of soda I had stuck under the stroller. We smuggled that bottle of soda right back into that grocery store, paid for it, and walked back home again :)

What a great story. True character is being honest even when no one else is watching. Wishing you a blessed week :)

Floyd Samons said...

Love this post, Hazel. It really is the little things that prove a person's character. One of the character traits of our Savior is that; honesty. "For he who can be trusted with little can be trusted with much!"

Pamela said...

I always enjoy your stories. Obeying immediately was always important to me because I saw a boy that almost got killed because he didn't obey his mother's orders to stop. I still don't know how the car got stopped except from God. He was touching the child's coat when he did. I wish I would have known the 1-10 -- good way to cool down before punishment.

Pamela said...
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