Monday, November 2, 2015

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Reading a True Story to Grand Child
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Care Packages - A true Story 
Many years ago, our church sent a monthly support offering to Margaret Carlow, a single lady missionary, who was serving in Korea.   

About that time there was made available to the American public, “Care Packages” with assorted food items that could be donated, and sent overseas. 

The packages were made up of selected military surplus food sent by air, from our country to those in other lands.  After World War II many were starving in Europe and this was a cooperative effort to meet a need.  

You could choose the address for the box to be sent, so our church women’s ministry group had a good idea. 

To me the $10 donation seemed to be an excellent value for food and shipping, plus it would bless our missionary.  Thinking along these lines, I ordered a gift parcel, and paid the amount required and placed her address on the order.   

Next I wrote an E-Airmail letter to our missionary to alert her to expect the gift.  (No internet then)

At that time a quick way to communicate over-seas was by E-letter.  It was a one piece blue paper that included postage, and when your letter was written, you folded, sealed and mailed it. 

Several weeks later, we received a thank you from our missionary and an explanation.   

Apparently for personal reasons, she felt guilty in accepting the food package for herself.  Perhaps she felt unworthy, and thought the food should go to someone who was more in need than herself. 

She told us of a Korean Pastor with a large family who were suffering lack, and she had been able to bless this family with the parcel. 

Perhaps this was God’s way to supply a need for the native pastor’s family, and we did not question her motive, although at first we did not understand.   

After giving it much thought we realized this was the best way to go.  Also it allowed our missionary the opportunity to share with another minister, which she was not able to do except for our care package.   God works in mysterious ways.
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Cheryl said...

Yes, He does, and sometimes, we think we have the reason we are doing something all figured out, and then, we find that He used it for an entirely different purpose. His thoughts and ways are so far above ours!

Sharon said...

I remember those overseas letters. They were paper-thin, as I recall, and I often wondered how they ever arrived intact!

Yes, God's mysterious ways. You know, in the end what really matters is that we obey God's promptings. What happens after that is all up to Him - and He is often full of surprises!


Floyd Samons said...

I'm always encouraged by your obedience to the Holy Spirit. What a blessing for all of us, even now all this time later. Thanks, Hazel.