Monday, September 28, 2015

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 A True Story from my book Rescue the Stories Book Three
Just Do Your Part
Oh - It Hurt's my Ears and My Spiritual Ears Too
The screeching noise of finger nails scraping on a blackboard arouses an unpleasant sensation that is extremely irritating to most people. In the same way, this is the sensation I perceive with my inner ear each time I hear the Name of Jesus Christ used in vain!   

Two young college boys had been hired as extra help at my previous work place.  They were laughing, jesting and having fun as they worked.  Without the slightest thought on their part, the insensitive use of the Name of Jesus Christ poured forth in their conversation.

At my place of work, I made it a practice to allow Jesus to shine through me and not to display a self-righteous and pious attitude. Witnessing at work was sometimes tricky! Often, when someone would approach me with a question, the opportunity would present itself. Other times I had to ask the Lord for the proper moment to make a move.  Regarding these young men, I felt that the situation needed attention soon.  I asked the Lord “What should I do?”  His prompting was clear. The next afternoon, I took a newspaper clipping about my mother to work with me.   

We live near one of the large California dams, and our annual local festival was seeking a possible name change to incorporate the word “Dam.”  The newspaper had been interviewing people on the street. My mother was asked the question, “Do you think the old name ‘Fiesta Days’ should be changed to ‘Dam Days’?”  Mother answered, “My parents always taught me to never use the Lord’s name in vain, or to use language that was swearing.  I think it would be wise to keep the name Fiesta Days.”  

Wouldn’t you know it?  They printed her response. The newspaper and the city took that simple testimony and kept the name ‘Fiesta Days’ for our annual celebration. 

Prepared with that clipping, all I needed was the right time.  Timing is important!  When approaching someone, it is not a good idea to draw attention or to embarrass them.  I waited - - -  

The next day at break time the two young men headed for the outside porch.   

Picking up my news article, I followed after them.  After a cheerful greeting, I asked them if I could show them something.  Of course they agreed.  With the article unfolded, I let them know that it was about my Mother, and proceeded to read.  I smiled and gently mentioned that I was also raised not to swear and especially not to take the name of Jesus Christ in vain.  I asked them if they could respect that and they heartily replied, “We certainly can!”   

Things went well, so I walked down to another area to continue my break.  Upon returning, I discovered that the two boys went back to the office and enlightened everyone to what had just happened!  I did not need to say a word.  A little birdie did it for me. 

The story does not end there, but it does change players! Another lady in the office invited the boys to her church.  One of the boys decided to attend with his girlfriend!  What was the outcome?  Both young people gave their hearts to the Lord!   

So my friend each of us has a unique circle of influence and none of our ministries is exactly the same.  We all have a part to play in the scope of His program.  Some of us have a pulpit while others of us reflect God’s love when and where we can.  Certain people have the task of planting the seed.  Watering and nurturing the seed is a vital job.   For others, harvesting is their part of the total process.   

God doesn’t expect any of us to do it all. What does the Lord ask of you?  Just to do your part.
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Joanne Viola said...

Hazel, this is such a wonderful story. You spoke to these young men with a grace and kindness which pointed them in the right direction rather than in judgment. May we walk wisely, speak graciously & let God do the work. Grateful you shared the story & I was here to read it :) Have a wonderful week!

Mary Hill said...

Your courage to speak out with love planted a seed in the young men's lives. One gave his life to the Lord. What a great testimony. Thanks for sharing!

Sharon said...

Hazel, you have the most wonderful stories! I just love how you wisely handled this situation. It was inspired. Doesn't it seem that the God-guided quiet response is usually the best approach?

I go crazy with fingers on a chalkboard, and hearing the name of the Lord used in vain grates even deeper. May we find ways to honor Him in our own lives and words, and to teach others the reverence He deserves.


Floyd Samons said...

What an awesome story!!! The lesson for me is you had patience. Thanks for that and the amazing story with the best ending on this earth.