Monday, December 29, 2014

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Oh such fun - Reading a True Story !
Each week, I will be telling one of my true stories from one of my three books.
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The Green Sweater

Ann Voskamp wrote about a Christmas of Long ago when her elderly grandmother with the creaking knees, gave matching ugly sweaters to both her and her sister.  That story triggered a memory.

It must have been the Christmas of 1947 that I received from my mother, a long sleeved bright green cable knit cardigan sweater.

I was a selfish girl and not happy with what I had been given.

I was in high school, and one cold wintery day during gym I put on my ugly sweater to give me warmth.

Soon I noticed another girl wearing an identical sweater.  I sidled up to her and asked if she received her sweater for Christmas, and she replied, “Yes I did.”

I don’t remember commenting that it probably was on sale and couldn’t be returned, but that is what I thought.

The girl seemed happy with her sweater, and so I decided to be happy with mine.

We must learn to be content with what we have, and grateful that we are blessed.
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Susan Nowell @ My Place to Yours said...

Sadly, I, too, had my moments of being a selfish, sulky teenager. So glad I've learned gratitude... and thankful I get better at it with practice. :-) Blessings to you, Hazel, in the year ahead.

Laurie Collett said...

We have so many blessings, and so often we forget to be thankful for them! Thanks for the great post & for hosting, & Happy New Year!

cairncottage said...

I agree, Hazel! We need to be so grateful for God's many blessings and provisions of all our needs! I think especially with our youth(especially in the U.S.) today, This is something they don;t understand...gratitude. May we teach our younger generations to give thanks even for the small blessings!

jviola79 said...

It is always good to be here, Hazel. Thank you so much for hosting the linkup so faithfully. May you & your have a most blessed New Year!

Sheila Kimball said...

Be content with what we have and count our blessings. SO TRUE. Thanks, Hazel. Blessings in the New Year. And...Michael so enjoys the encouragement you send him on his posts. Thanks so much :)

Sharon said...

Oh Hazel, your story was delightful - and it brought back some memories for me, too. One of my grandmothers would always get me and my cousin some pretty old-fashioned, ugly clothes for Christmas. Of course, we had to wear them, at least around her. I also had a rather bad attitude about it all.

I guess we grow up at some time (hopefully!) and learn something about the meaning of gifts, and the peaceful attitude of contentment.

Happy New Year - looking forward to sharing the journey of 2015 with you!