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Sunday, November 23, 2014

True Story Week 11-24-14 "Listen for That Signal"

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Listen for that Signal

Mother would blow three long blasts on her Police whistle!

Tw-e-e-t! Tw-e-et! Tw-e-e-t!

That was our signal to leave the school yard where we played after school and head for home. Dinner was on the table and we knew we had to obey that warning.

The Bible tells us that on that last day, the Angel Gabriel will blow his horn and signal all those who have accepted Jesus as their personal Savior to come home to the Heavenly banquet table.

Involved!  Yes, we are all involved in business, in school, or in various activities, but when that signal comes, we WILL drop everything and fly away to glory, as the old song says.

As we wait here on earth, we are to continue with daily activities, living life as if that glorious day is still hundreds of years away. The catch is that we must live prepared - - as if that trumpet will sound at any second.

Mother also had other signals to alert us. One was the street lights. If we were playing outside close to home, when the street lights came on it signified the end of our play. It was time for us to come home.

Today there are many signals to which we must be alert. These tell us that the return of Jesus may be sooner that we realize. The Bible speaks of wars and rumors of wars. It also comments about signs in the earth and in the heavens.
Some people shake and quake over the things occurring today.

It is not time to fear or to be worried. Rejoice! It is time to rejoice and to understand what is happening when we see these things come to pass.
The Bible says, there is a great cloud of witnesses watching us. I always thought it meant our loved ones who have gone before and that they are interested in us even now. That could be it.
Perhaps it is the host of angels watching and protecting us.  The angels are probably already setting the table for the feast that God is preparing for his children.

You know, I can imagine that they have one eye on us, while casting glances at Gabriel to see if he is ready to lift his horn to his lips!

So the thing to remember is NOT to be afraid, but to just stay watchful and to be prepared. Keep listening for that signal that will let you know it is time to come home!

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  1. You know, as I read the headlines lately, I am a bit scared, yes. But more than that, I have this sense that the Lord's return for us is coming...soon. I loved the story about your mom and the signals! And yes, we must also pay attention to the "signals" we are seeing in the world. Work diligently in all we do, yes, but we must be also be ready. Let's do His work while there is time!


  2. This is the second time today, scripture reminds me that this life is temporary and "I'll fly away." Oh, I remember those street lights too and knew I better get home. Happy Thanksgiving, Hazel, to you and yours.

  3. Looking up, waiting for the shofar! Thanks for the great story & for hosting & God bless!


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