Monday, June 18, 2012

I am so Happy to welcome you back to Tell me a Story!

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Can you remember using your imagination as a Child?  

Were you the King or queen and everyone must do as you requested? 

Did you search for buried treasure?   Or even now are you a daydreamer? 

Do you have a present day memory to share?  What can you remember that unfolds into a true story?

Each week I invite you to share your memories with us at our blog party. Each story is a prize winner in its own right.  Week 15 will be open Monday evening.
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Create With Joy said...

Hi Hazel,

Imagination is a wonderful thing! The story I am sharing this week, however, is NOT a figment of my imagination!

My Mom has been enjoying her visits to your site for the past few weeks, so I thought I'd mosey over for a peek and share MY latest "tail"! I am also your newest follower!

Mom says have a wonderful week and invites you to join her at Inspire Me Monday! :-)

The Irrepressible Mister Naughty Pants
Create With Joy

Wendy @ ECTaS said...

Hi Hazel

I hope you are blessed reading the true story re: Miracle on Goose Green... it turned out to be a turning point in a really nasty situation.

God is good :D

Unknown said...

Thank you as always for being our sponsor!

Wise Hearted said...

Hazel, I just left Floyd's site and wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your reply to his "Yesterday" post. All of the replies were filled with wisdom just as Floyd's words were but your words (some choices are not ours to make) spoke to something deep in me. Actually the whole rely as I have found my calling in Gen as a help mate and God has taken me all over the world following my man. Often I have not agreed with his decision, often his decision has brought me heartache but God has always, always seen me through. Again just wanted to thank you for the wisdom you shared. Blessings.

Holly said...

Thank you for hosting this wonderful link up. I always enjoy both linking and reading what the other great bloggers are posting. It's such a blessing to share and get to know each other!