Sunday, May 27, 2012

Welcome Back to Tell Me a True Story Week 12

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Thinking back to my Kindergarten class, I remember that our chairs and tables were all painted a lovely hot pink.  There was one chair that was brown.  Our teacher called it the “Thinking Chair.”  I never had to sit in it, but the idea was; those who misbehaved were to sit and “think” until they were ready to apologize to our teacher. 

When Kindergarten graduation was over and I entered the first grade room, you can imagine the shock when I discovered that all the chairs and tables were brown – not pink.  What had I done to deserve this?  Life isn’t always like Kindergarten!

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Holly@A Life-Size Catholic Blog said...

Oh there I am ... The Imposter. I better get back and get your button posted. Thanks for hosting!!

Shannon Milholland said...

Any school day would be a ton more fun with pink chairs!