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Monday, February 6, 2017

Tell Me a True Story Blog Party week of 02/06/17

Reading a True Story
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The God of Creative Miracles
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“Danny has a busted ear drum and we need to do some major surgery by going through the inside of his jaw to insert drainage tubes while we repair his ear drum.”

“Here is some medicine for the infection, take him home and return in 10 days for a follow up visit.”

As the Vet spoke these words to my daughter Becky, she envisioned dollar signs floating off into space!  But, Danny was family, and she knew she had to do whatever was necessary to take care of him.

Faithfully, my daughter gave the medicine to her beloved Red Irish Setter.  Once he seemed better, it was time for a return visit to the Vet.

“Now let’s see the right ear, no it must be the left ear, no which ear is it?” said the Vet?

The Vet was in shock!  He announced that Danny had grown a new ear drum, and the dog was fine.  The Vet stammered, “I am astonished and amazed, because I have NEVER seen anything like this before!”

I am reminded that in the Bible, some people were healed and others were made whole. To be made whole was a creative miracle that restored “like new” that which had once been crippled or non existent.

If God would heal a DOG, how much more does He love us as His children and desire to do for us what we are lacking - perhaps even lacking in faith.

As I thought about how God healed Becky’s dog, I continued to consider, “If God can give a dog a new ear drum, He certainly can give us our miracle.

When Jesus called Lazarus from the tomb, He said,   “LAZARUS come forth!”

If He had only said “Come forth,” no doubt all the dead would have walked out of the grave and breathed again. It was important that HE used the specific name, Lazarus.

Jesus used His authority and then He gave us authority to use His Name.

In fact, if you are facing a situation that seems impossible, remember with God nothing is impossible.

It would be important to make a declaration by saying the person’s name, because you wouldn’t want the wrong person to receive the miracle.

So, make a declaration by saying these words aloud, “In Jesus name, I claim a new _____ for _____.”  

Notice that this is not praying, but I speaking words of faith.

Any future prayers on behalf of your loved one should now be a prayer of thanksgiving: “Thank you Jesus that you are working to perform a miracle in _____’s life. (Insert name here)
~ ~ ~

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  1. I like declaration prayers of faith. I love reading how it pleases Jesus in the gospels when we step out in faith like this. Your story makes me smile as it brings back memories of my youngest daughter practicing prayers of healing on her dog before she had kids. :)

  2. Yay! Thank God for that miracle.
    And Yes as a Vet I have seen it! I usually pray for my patients before and while administering medications.
    Some years ago, I had an elderly woman come to the clinic with her dog pretty much emaciated and bedridden. No one wanted to admit the dog. The responsibility, time, efforts, poor and uncertain health condition and the fact that the elderly lady would not pay enough to cover the expenses turned others away. But I took it upon myself. She loved the dog but it had taken ill and she told she couldn't afford it.
    I prayed and began treating the pet. I have never had a dog stare at me with tears before, this pet did. It touched my heart deeply. I told it, I know you can hear me...I will do everything I can ok? Just make sure you respond to treatment and make your owner happy.

    Miraculously in three days the poor dog came back to life and moving about. Every other resident staff began to ask me the treatment protocol. They all thought it would die. But I knew God answered my prayers. God was the treatment protocol...(smiles)
    Of course the old lady was very thrilled to see her dog alive. She couldn't contain her self.

    I never forgot that incident as a Vet, Aunt Hazel.
    Thank you for bringing back such fond memories with your story today

    Hugs and Many Blessings to you

  3. Hi, Hazel! Thanks for sharing your story, and for sharing your space today. I'm finding this friendly gathering for the first time today!

  4. We so tend to limit the power of God in this fallen flesh. Even when we know He supplies the power behind the sun and our very breath… a good reminder, Hazel. Thanks.


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