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Monday, December 1, 2014

True Story Party - week of December 01, 2014

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65 Years - December 01, 2014

How to reach 65 years of Married Life? 
Keep breathing and start out young! 

I was 17 and was volunteering to work in the craft department of the Vacation Bible School our church was hosting.  We were assigned the kitchen which contained a nice large window viewing the neighbor’s yard 

Through that window I first saw my darling Robert and thought to myself - - such a handsome fellow.  One of the boys in our craft class, said, “That is my big brother.” 

Following the Vacation Bible School, the church held a revival with a fiery evangelist who preached hell fire and brimstone until all the sinners came to the alter to receive Jesus.

Many of the families of the children who came to the VBS were there at the revival.  Robert’s family attended also.  At the call for repentance, his mother dug her elbow deep into his ribs and up he went to the front to receive Jesus as his Lord 

The family became regular attendees to the church and often on Sunday my brother invited Robert to have Sunday dinner with us at our home.  Ha ! 

As winter rolled around a couple from our church invited me, their sister my age, and Robert for a snow trip to Yosemite.  We met at the couple’s house, and Bob found a place on the living room floor to sleep.  Most of us didn’t get much rest, and the guys talked several hours.  Robert was on his stomach, with his arms cradling his chin and his arm muscles from his hard work at his job, showing beneath his white tee shirt. 

Zing, ping went my 17 year old heart strings.   

We girls went into another room to giggle and chat.  Our hostess friend confided that she had already asked Robert, which of the girls do you like best, the brunette or the blond? 

He had told her that he liked the blond best.  That was me, I am the blond, and I was pleased! 

Soon after that we began to date and when I turned 18 we were married on 12/01/49. 

I believe it is until death do us part and so it has been for these many years..

How to stay married? 

Wives, honor your husbands, and learn to keep quiet while he fusses.  Later when the dust settles, you can give your opinion. By then it might not be necessary!

Husbands, LOVE your wife as Christ loved the church AND take time to listen to your wife.  If you pay attention and not be so macho, it might save you a LOT of money and grief. 

Hug and kiss a lot - - and tell each other those sweet words, “I love you and you only.”

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  1. Wow!!! 65 years!! Congrats! That is a great testimony of true love and commitment! My hubby and I will celebrate our 28th in a few months.We may make it to our 65th, but we married at 25 and 30, but even 50 or 55 years or marriage sounds great! I love your story of how you met!

  2. Precious Hazel! What a sweet story about your grand love and marriage to Robert! A heartfelt Happy Anniversary to both of you. My heart was so warmed by your story, and so inspired by the witness of your wonderful marriage. May you have many more years together - loving each other, and serving our Lord!


  3. Great reminders Hazel for this easy to get a divorce world. Love this sweet story, know you both have struggle more times then you care to admit with being married but thank God you stuck it out, to God be the Glory.


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