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Monday, September 3, 2012

Welcome back to Week 26 for True Stories Party

So Thankful to See you Again
 Uncle Jim was my favorite Uncle. When we were children and would visit him each summer, he would reach in his pocket and give the three of us children each a dime. Isn’t that enough to cause me to call him my favorite Uncle. None of my other relatives gave me that much attention. Except my Grandmother - - she would give me a piece of white bread with real butter on it, and that was a treat, because we always had wheat bread at home with margarine for a spread. Those memories do last and bring loving memories.

I hope you are enjoying these remarkable true stories you will discover here.   I try to read them all (maybe not all at one sitting) but returning again.

Share here, your true stories at our blog party.  Dig back into your childhood, or your children’s cute stories.  Include memories old and new.

Return here in a couple days and view other true stories you will find. 

Please be sure to take a few minute to visit as many stories as you are able, and be kind to leave them a comment.  Also those who leave you a comment please return the visit and likewise leave them a comment.

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