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Sunday, May 12, 2013

True Stories Week May 13, 2013

Welcome back  

Child and Mother
Mothers Were Created by God

 Soon I will be sending a wee one to another world,
Who will watch over and care for this tiny life?
Who will teach this one to learn and to love?
To instruct in kindness, not in hate and strife!

Who will feed and clothe this child?
Who will kiss away the tears when they fall?
Where will I find such a one, a paradigm?
Who will be there when they weep and call?

Looking high and low, no one could be found,
Where is one I can trust? – is there no other?
The answer is simple and plain to see,
I will give this child a loving mother!

Then there are other lives, so tiny and some not,
I will search until a home I find - - -
Where shall I place these forgotten babes?
There must be a mother’s heart longing to be kind!

I sought and found some who were barren,
Yet they desired a child to love and hold,
Yes, I will consign this adopted one,
Into the safe arms of this “mother” to enfold!

Where else may I place a child who needs an abode?
Not all children born into families do fare,
Because of the many realities of life,
Existence is complicated and difficult to bear!
The saying “Life happens,” is true and often - -
Reasons beyond belief send many to despair,
I have found an answer for this child,
In a “good” Foster Home, they will find solace there.

What I seek is a Mother’s heart,
For those who are not a mother in kind, can be,
For according to My word,
The need is great for “Mothers in Israel” you see!

 by Hazel Moon 05/08/2011

Reach out and love a child with kindness and encouragement!
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  1. A very touching poem of a mothet hazel:)

  2. What a lovely poem, Hazel! Thanks for hosting & God bless.

  3. Thank you Joy! So far you are the only one to view and comment on my poem posted here at "Tell Me a Story." Amazing how many skim over and rush to enter their post! :-)

  4. Thank you Laurie for taking the time to read and comment on my poem. YOU are much appreciated.

  5. Thank you for the invite to Tell Me a Story, Hazel. Blessings to you! Love, Rachael


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